Thank You for Donations for Troops


by Pat Dodge

Thank you to Mr. And Mrs. Dan Pielock and Mr. and Mrs William Urban, Jr. for their most generous donations to our troops' fund. This will help immensely to defray postage on shipping the supplies to our adopted troops. It also gave me the opportunity to buy some more cookies, special snack pretzels and several containers of cappuccino mixes that the young people of today thrive on.

It is only through the generosity of such donations that we can go the extra step of providing the luxury items for the troops. Our Post has been extremely forthcoming with funds for the support of our troops and I would like to thank all the people who contribute to this cause.

I did not receive any home baked cookies at the January meeting, so I will be baking along with a few of my friends to fulfill the promise I made to the troops for those cookies after Christmas. I will be sending them out by Thursday January 13, if anyone wants to contribute some home made cookies. They love the Rice Krispie treats. 

Thanks to all and Happy New Year.