More Boxes Shipped to Troops


Jan. 28, 2011 -- Pat Dodge, Auxiliary member and Post military liaison, shipped another 10 boxes of goodies to adopted troops in Afghanistan this week, including:

  • 18 dozen home-baked cookies made by her two friends and herself,
  • snacks,
  • socks donated by friends of Auxiliary President Theresa Jensen, 
  • baseball bats,
  • magazines,
  • toiletries,
  • Cracker Jacks,
  • books,
  • soft balls,
  • beef jerky,
  • cappucino mixes, and more. 

"Many thanks go out to the members of the Post for their generosity and to the families and friends who make donations to the fund so that I can buy luxury items," Pat said, adding:

"I still need home-baked cookies. Also, Rice Krispie treats are their favorites. To those who have not done any baking, please consider donating flour, sugar and devils food cake mixes so I can ask my friend to bake if needed  While she is not eligible to be a member of our Post, she has been extremely supportive in our efforts baking every time I have needed cookies."