Monday Night Football Treats & Thursday Lunches

UTICA, Sept. 18, 2011 – Members can watch Monday Night Football at the Post and munch on chicken wings, mozzarella sticks & onion rings, reported Vice Commander Jim George.

Plus, Thursday lunches are back and the menu will change weekly, he said.

The Monday night "menu may expand in the future based on participation," he noted. "The prices are $4.25 for an order of 10 wings with celery & blue cheese, $3.50 for 6 mozzarella sticks with dipping sauce, and $2.50 for an order of onion rings with dipping sauce…The hours are 5 p.m. till we run out. We could start orders earlier if requested." Jim is the volunteer cook.

For the Thursday lunches, "(post caterer) Dwain Klatt will be cooking for those and I will assist as needed," he said. "None of the lunches will cost more than $5."

It kicked off with pulled pork sandwiches, burgers with fries, and chili, he said, noting: "Again, the menu will vary week to week."


Lunch Menu for Thurs. 10/6

  • Covered Hot Turkey w/ veggie or fries
  • Chili & Cornbread
  • Hamburger & fries

    Lunches are $5