Legionnaires Spruce Up Sculpture of U.S. Flag

Legionnaires noticed that the U.S. flag sculpture at Oriskany and John Streets in Utica was suffering from several years of neglect and wasn’t lit up at night. So they did something about it, contacting the city and volunteering their time to scrape and paint the base of the sculpture on Tuesday, Oct. 11.

Provost Post 1686 Commander Edward Jackson, Provost member Marron McCleod, and Utica Post 229 chaplain and law-and-order chair Paul Wojcik took on the task of scraping and painting the sculpture of the American flag “to brighten it up.”

“The mayor (Dave Roefaro) and Dave Short, supervisor for parks, offered to help with the clean-up, and plans were made to spruce up the area in the spring,” reports Wojcik.

“The lights at the base of the flag are being repaired to light up the flag during evening hours. Paint, primer and brushes were donated by Troy Williams of Sherwin Williams.

“With a little work and TLC, this area will shine and represent the spirit of our community toward our veterans. The American Legion would like to thank all those who helped make this project happen.”