Spooky and Smiling Kids Enjoy Halloween at Post

Utica Post 229 was filled with witches, princesses, goblins, giant insects and other assorted creatures on Saturday, Oct. 29, as 87 children and 73 adults celebrated Halloween.

The Children's Halloween Party featured an array of refreshments -- from hot dogs and punch to cupcakes and ice cream, thanks to donations by the Auxiliary, Burger King and Byrne Dairy, explained Chair Eleanor King and Co-chair Theresa Jensen.

Zach Rosenberger, grandson of member Wayne Dapre, showed up in a Soccer Bear outfit to entertain the toddlers, and Ziyara Shrine Clowns Chuckles and Bucky kept the kids giggling and amazed as they created balloon "sculptures".

Members of the Auxiliary, Junior Auxiliary and Post worked as servers and cooks.

Halloween kids
Soccer Bear Zach Rosenberger
entertained the toddlers.

Shrine Clowns
Ziyara Shrine Clowns Bucky and Chuckles.


Grim Reaper
Angelina Deveans came as the Grim Reaper.
Lisa & Sophia Fish
Lisa and little witch Sophia Fish were all smiles.
Madison Zahniser
Bumble Bee Madison Zahniser found plenty to munch on.
Kate Winter
Kate Winter was one of the good witches to grace the Halloween party,