A Few Words from the Commander

Happy Birthday, Legionnaires!

The American Legion celebrates its founding this month.

Nearly 1,000 officers and enlisted personnel met in Paris from March 15 to 17, 1919, and adopted a temporary constitution. Following a second caucus in St. Louis in May, Congress granted the Legion a charter as a patriotic veterans organization.

Utica Post 229 is nearly as old as the Legion itself. On July 15, 1919, returning World War I veterans met in Utica to form the post. After approval of the application on Aug. 20, 1919, Utica Post 229 became a reality.

Ninety-one years later Utica Post 229 and posts across the country remain the voice of our nation’s veterans.

Are you a veteran? Or current member of the U.S. Armed Forces? We invite you to come join us.

Anthony Palladino
March 2010

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