Letters from the War Zone
'we are not alone'

APRIL 2010

From U.S. Army Sgt First Class Horton Joshua:

"We received your packages today. What a wonderful surprise...I wish you could have seen it...It was like watching a child opening a long-awaited Christmas present. It almost seemed within seconds that the rice crispy treats were nearly devoured and others enjoying the cranberry biscotti savoring the sweet taste. I don't think there is a single item in the boxes that will go to waste... We all thank you for the delicious treats...as well as the reading material and games. Over the next week or so I am sure the sweets will quickly go and we will continue to enjoy the magazines until everyone has looked through them or read them.

"I wish there were easy words to express how much we enjoyed and enjoy the packages... to truly capture the happiness you bring to our sections...

"Know that we all thank you and have prayers going out to you -- to you that remind us that there are people who still think of us, who appreciate the sacrifice that we do...we are not alone, we have the support of great people that love this nation as much as we do."

From Army Master Sgt. Mike Behnkendorf:

"Thank you for adopting our section. We all very much appreciate everything you do for us. Thank you for the nice packages of goodies... we enjoyed them...

"We are getting close to completing our tour. We will start heading back to Ft. Drum towards the end of May -- just in time before it starts getting really hot here. I hope all is well in Utica. Thanks again."

From Army Specialist Nick Foster:

I just wanted to thank you personally for the gifts sent throughout the year... It's been really nice getting support from people through this long and trialing deployment. I am a soldier under the command of MSG Behnkendorf. He is the one that supplied me with an email to personally give my thanks to. Again, I appreciate all of the support.

We will be home soon! May God Bless you and all the kind people who have donated, supplied, and or simply written a letter to any soldier out here.

It truly helps us get through each and every day knowing there are people out there who care about us and what we do. Thanks again!

These letters were addressed to the Post 229 family and sent to Auxiliary Member Pat Dodge, who coordinates troop support for the post.