Adopted Troops Excited About Gifts

Pat Dodge, the post's military liaison, received this email from the adopted platoon in Afghaniston on Dec. 18, 2010. Pat signs her messages to the platoon as "MaMa D."

Dear Ma,

I got your 12 boxes today and you should have seen the entire platoon!

I placed all the boxes in our little patio we have here and had a line going. We are sooooooo appreciative of EVERYTHING you sent. Thanks from the bottom of our hearts and it was awesome to see the soldiers get something and say thanks.

I told them all it was from you and they kept asking who is so kind to send us nice stuff like you did. EVERYONE says thanks and God Bless.

You will get a card on snail mail signed by all of us. Please thank everyone involved in sending us all the goodies and that we appreciate everyone!

Thank you for adopting us and for doing what you do. You don't have to but you sacrifice your time for us and we appreciate it…I know it sounds insignificant but these soldier appreciate everything.

I will keep you posted on how we are doing. You have a very merry Christmas and be safe out there. We all will try to do the same here.

With much love and appreciation,

-- Sgt. Isabel Tio and the CJ6 Platoon

To Cadets

I'd like to thank the NJROTC cadets from Notre Dame High School for coming over to my house and loading 12 boxes in my car for me so I could go to the Post Office and ship them to our adopted platoon in Afghanistan. 

The boxes were quite heavy and I couldn't have done it without their help.

Unfortunately, the two young ladies and young man left before I could get their names.

-- Pat Dodge